What does the word pith mean?

Usage examples for pith

  1. Has written in Secular Thought, the Truthseeker and the Freethinker's Magazine, and published rational lectures under the title Pioneer Pith, '89. In '89 he was elected President of the Canadian Secular Union. – A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers of All Ages and Nations by Joseph Mazzini Wheeler
  2. We are required to have faith in his heroic capacity for enterprises of great pith and moment. – The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller by Calvin Thomas
  3. Uma sat up quite brisk at the first word of it; and presently we saw a party come stringing out of the path, Maea in front, and behind him a white man in a pith helmet. – The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 17 (of 25) by Robert Louis Stevenson Other: Andrew Lang