Part of speech: noun

A large fork with which to handle hay, straw, etc.

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Usage examples "pitchfork":

  1. The dog pulled, tore, growled, grappled, yelled; it was impossible to get the handkerchief from between his teeth; but the knot was loosed, the meat, unperceived by the dog, dropped out, and while he dragged off the handkerchief in triumph, Hardy, with inexpressible joy, plunged the pitchfork into the poisoned meat, and bore it away. - "The Parent's Assistant", Maria Edgeworth.
  2. It never took Ada long to dress; her clothes always looked as if they had been thrown on with a pitchfork, and she slipped down the outside stairs into the lane at the back. - "Jonah", Louis Stone.
  3. One family, which had locked itself into the cellar of a rambling cottage, cried through the grating, where the father stood madly brandishing a pitchfork. - "The Wrack of the Storm", Maurice Maeterlinck.