What does the word pinion mean?

Usage examples for pinion

  1. One can go by rail, changing at Sant' Ellero into the expensive rack- and- pinion car which climbs through the vineyards to a point near the summit, and has, since it was opened, brought to the mountain so many new residents, whose little villas cling to the western slopes among the lizards, and, in summer, are smitten unbearably by the sun. – A Wanderer in Florence by E. V. Lucas
  2. He paused not, though years rolled weary and slow, And Time's hoary pinion drooped languid and low: He paused not till Man from his birth- place was swept, And the sea and the land in solitude slept. – Poems by Sam G. Goodrich
  3. Meanwhile through the day was Dmitar wandering In the mountain- forest; nought he found there; But chance brought him at the fall of evening To a green lake far within the forest, Where a golden- pinion'd duck was swimming. – Servian Popular Poetry by John Bowring