Part of speech: noun

One who steals from pockets.

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Usage examples "pickpocket":

  1. Carrie X 291 solicited a man to go to a furnished room at X 292 West 39th Street, A pickpocket stole a watch, a stickpin, and $ 9 in money from one of the men in the place. - "Commercialized Prostitution in New York City", George Jackson Kneeland.
  2. A pickpocket he was not, but a detective he might be thought to be; a strange type of detective, however, a detective of the air; the kind that sits in a small room hundreds of feet in air and listens; listens to the schemes, the plots, the counterplots of men and to the wild babble of fools. - "Curlie Carson Listens In", Roy J. Snell.
  3. Then in the moonlight they saw the white face of the pickpocket peeping over the sill, and while some stayed in the yard, others ran into the house and helped the other man to break the door in. - "Light Freights, Complete", W. W. Jacobs.