Part of speech: noun

A small Spanish coin, formerly used in the United States, and worth 6ΒΌ cents.

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Usage examples "picayune":

  1. " Children and fools" could not tell the truth any faster or farther than did our newspapers- Picayune, Delta, True Delta, Crescent, L'Abeille, and L'Estafette du Sud. - "Kincaid's Battery", George W. Cable.
  2. Here, continued he, fumbling in his pocket- here's a picayune. - "The Garies and Their Friends", Frank J. Webb.
  3. Editorials of New Orleans Times- Picayune, N. Y. Times and N. Y. Tribune. - "Memorandum to the Government of the United States on the Recognition of the Ukrainian People's Republic", Julian Batchinsky.