Part of speech: noun

A student of or specialist in physics.

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Usage examples "physicist":

  1. Tyndall, however, the distinguished English physicist, would not be the one to give credit for scientific discoveries, and to a clergyman in a distant century, unless there was definite evidence of the discovery. - "Catholic Churchmen in Science", James J. Walsh.
  2. That problem must be left to the physicist, although it is highly probable that a study of animal light will give important information regarding the nature of light in general, and no theory of light can be adequate which fails to take into account the extraordinary powers of luminous animals. - "The Nature of Animal Light", E. Newton Harvey.
  3. The command of one of these companies was given to Captain Coutelle, a young physicist of great talent, who rendered memorable services at the battle of Fleurus. - "Wonderful Balloon Ascents or, the Conquest of the Skies", Fulgence Marion.