Part of speech: noun

An American herb with clusters of showy flowers.

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Usage examples "phlox":

  1. In this case, the lack of such green was made up by a waving mass of blooming cardinal phlox, behind which was an orange grove in full bearing. - "A Little Florida Lady", Dorothy C. Paine.
  2. Winter- killed shrubs of flowering almond or snowballs, planted in tender memory, stand now withered and unheeded, and the few straggling garden flowers- crimson phlox or single hollyhocks- that still live only painfully accent the loneliness by showing that this now forgotten spot was once loved, visited, and cared for. - "Customs and Fashions in Old New England", Alice Morse Earle.
  3. It is a big, old- fashioned house, and there is a lovely garden, full of roses and lilies, and phlox and stocks and hollyhocks and mignonette and sweet peas. - "Mary Gray", Katharine Tynan.