Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: adjective

Sluggish; indifferent. phlegmatical.

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Usage examples "phlegmatic":

  1. The big Belgian was more phlegmatic and not so easily moved. - "Fanny Goes to War", Pat Beauchamp.
  2. In regard to the use of such works by the young, as a general rule, they ought not to be allowed, to any except those of a dull and phlegmatic temperament, until the solid parts of education are secured and a taste for more elevated reading is acquired. - "The American Woman's Home", Catherine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe.
  3. There was something intoxicating to Robin Drummond's somewhat phlegmatic nature in their being together after this friendly fashion. - "Mary Gray", Katharine Tynan.