What does the word pheasant mean?

Usage examples for pheasant

  1. We had some trouble with Vigo, though, for he startled a pheasant in Lord Fitzroy's preserve, and then he bolted after a hare. – Not Like Other Girls by Rosa N. Carey
  2. Do you know, Mr. Thain, that we haven't reared a pheasant for years, and that we don't even feed the wild ones? – The Wicked Marquis by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. The prisoner asked the gamekeeper to give the pheasant and wires up to him, which the gamekeeper refused; whereupon the prisoner lifted up a large stick, and threatened to beat the gamekeeper's brains out if he did not give them up. – Trial of the Officers and Crew of the Privateer Savannah, on the Charge of Piracy, in the United States Circuit Court for the Southern District of New York by A. F. Warburton