Part of speech: noun

Fancy; a fantastic notion, device, or design.

Part of speech:

Same as FANTASM, etc.

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Usage examples "phantasy":

  1. You must see how great would be the advantage to us all of our union being at once completed You should not now allow a phantasy of misplaced generosity to stand in the way of an arrangement which is so desirable." - "La Vendée An Historical Romance", Anthony Trollope.
  2. Men tell us that all beyond this is phantasy, dreaming, Sunday- school politics: there is nothing worth living for except to get on in the world; and nothing at all worth dying for, since the age of ideals is past. - "The Americanism of Washington", Henry Van Dyke.
  3. And then would you throw away from you in some childish phantasy all that I have been struggling to win for you during my whole life? - "Lady Anna", Anthony Trollope.