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Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "percipient":

  1. A slight sketch was made, which was then projected to the brain of the percipient, who proceeded to reproduce the unseen, often with amazing fidelity. - "Occultism and Common-Sense", Beckles Willson.
  2. It was the experience of a child- it is reported by the percipient herself. - "Telepathy and the Subliminal Self", R. Osgood Mason.
  3. There can be no doubt that it would have had the force to obscure any phenomenon of a so- called telepathic nature, however vivid, as proof that either twin was still alive; as the percipient, in the belief that her sister's death was established beyond a doubt, would unhesitatingly conclude that the departed had revisited earth, or had made her presence felt by some process hard to understand from our side. - "When Ghost Meets Ghost", William Frend De Morgan.