Part of speech: noun

A common laborer; servant; in Spanish America, a laborer bound to serve until a debt is paid, commonly with little chance of payment; applied India to certain inferior officers, servants, etc.

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Usage examples "peon":

  1. They have driven the poor peon well nigh distracted with jealousy- felt all the keener from its being his first experience of it, all the angrier from consciousness of his own honest love- while he believes that of the intruder to have a different intent. - "The Lone Ranche", Captain Mayne Reid.
  2. " It was only some peon, trespassing to pick blossoms for his sweetheart," she said significantly, with a glance towards Ezekiel. - "The Argonauts of North Liberty", Bret Harte.
  3. But perhaps I had better call a peon. - "Steve Yeager", William MacLeod Raine.