Part of speech: verb

To grant a pension to; retire on a pension.

Part of speech: noun

A periodical allowance, as to a disabled soldier or sailor, on account of past services.

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Usage examples "pension":

  1. I remember quite well that my hand acted of its own accord, without waiting to ask my heart for its pity, or my reason whether with a pension of forty- one rubles, sixty- six kopeks a month, I could afford to give five kopeks in charity. - "Stories and Pictures", Isaac Loeb Peretz.
  2. As soon as my pension is my own, and Vauvinet is paid off, I will return to you. - "Cousin Betty", Honore de Balzac.
  3. Lucy knew that her elderly brother understood what it was, but it was not worth troubling her head about, only somehow it made ships go safer, and so he had had a pension given him as a reward. - "Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe", Charlotte M. Yonge.