Part of speech: noun

Anything that hangs or depends; a short rope, streamer, or pennant. pendent.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "pendant":

  1. It was a very curious old thing- chain, and a pendant with some inscription round it. - "A Dozen Ways Of Love", Lily Dougall.
  2. The pendant necklace, its pearls as pure and soft as tears, he placed upon the log itself, in a little hollow, covering it with a piece of bark. - "Wolf Breed", Jackson Gregory.
  3. A large pearl pendant that had been the Randolphs' wedding present to her, and a ruby that had been her mother's, were her only remaining possessions that could bring anything like the sum needed; with them and perhaps notes on her next year's income, they might make up the full amount. - "The Title Market", Emily Post.