Part of speech: noun

One who pays.

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Usage examples "payer":

  1. For lodging and food be thou the payer. - "Jane Talbot", Charles Brockden Brown.
  2. By fixing the qualification thus high, and rejecting the monthly or weekly rent- payer, the country would get rid of at least nineteen- twentieths of the dangerous classes,- the agricultural labourers, who wander about from parish to parish, some six or eight months in one locality, and some ten or twelve in another; the ignorant immigrant Irish, who tenant the poorer hovels of so many of our western coast parishes; and last, not least, all the migratory population of our larger towns, who rarely reside half a year in the same dwelling, and who, though they may in some instances pay at more than the rate of the yearly five pounds, pay it weekly, or by the fortnight or month. - "Leading Articles on Various Subjects", Hugh Miller.
  3. If he were safely out of the country it would relieve the tax- payer of a burden. - "The Hound of the Baskervilles", A. Conan Doyle.