Part of speech: noun

Devotion to one's country.

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Usage examples "patriotism":

  1. " In daily peril of losing all we most love and long for," answered Karl, with such passion that Helen found patriotism a lovely and inspiring thing. - "Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories", Louisa M. Alcott.
  2. Being drawn up in line, their chief, fully satisfied, advanced toward them, and expressing his sentiments of the patriotism which brought them into the field, informed them of his intended march. - "The Scottish Chiefs", Jane Porter.
  3. Harry thought of the portrait of the beautiful girl that lay next the man's heart, and wondered if he meant her, but when he remembered the ringing defiance in his voice as he shouted back to the Spaniard, " Viva, Cuba Libre," he was inclined to believe that the man's spirit of patriotism rose superior to his love just now. - "A Voyage with Captain Dynamite", Charles Edward Rich.