Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to pathology. pathologic.

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Usage examples "pathological":

  1. We know very little of this party except from Josephus, and the reasons for which his book was written did not encourage him to give unnecessary information, but, judging by results, the fourth philosophy must have been in the first half of the first century a steadily growing menace to all organised government, willing to destroy but unable to build, concealing under the name of patriotism that pathological excitement which is the delirium of diseased nations. - "Landmarks in the History of Early Christianity", Kirsopp Lake.
  2. His power to reveal character and passion, which rank him with the greatest of the Elizabethans, was discovered in his searching the by- paths of the abnormal and pathological. - "Tragedy", Ashley H. Thorndike.
  3. And it further shows that Hypnosis is probably, as they claim, a temporary disturbance, rather than a pathological condition of mind or body. - "The Story of the Mind", James Mark Baldwin.