Part of speech:


Part of speech: noun

A form of the verb that permits its use as an adjective or as a noun.

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Usage examples "participle":

  1. The preposition of, therefore, should not be used after the participle, when the verb would not require it. - "Slips of Speech", John H. Bechtel.
  2. It is worth while to explain, once for all, that I do not use the accented e for the longer pronunciation of the past participle. - "Flower-of-the-Mind", Meynell, Alice Christiana Thompson.
  3. The accent is not an English sign, and, to my mind, disfigures the verse; neither do I think it necessary to cut off the e with an apostrophe when the participle is shortened. - "Flower-of-the-Mind", Meynell, Alice Christiana Thompson.