Part of speech: verb

To ward off, as a blow; avoid, as by repartee.

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Usage examples "parry":

  1. " Surely I ought to be as clever as Mr Parry Glyddyr. - "King of the Castle", George Manville Fenn.
  2. It was an excellent Spanish blade, very long, and with a large basket hilt, which made a perfect protection for the hand- altogether a weapon which, wielded by a brave man, was by no means to be despised, and which could give, as well as parry, good hard thrusts. - "Captain Fracasse", Theophile Gautier.
  3. When your wife hears, moreover, that it is 'Bernat' and 'Katinka' up here, it will require something besides an anecdote to parry what will follow! - "The Nameless Castle", Maurus Jókai.