Part of speech:

Pertaining to a parish.

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Usage examples "parochial":

  1. As in the case of the blind and the deaf and dumb, it is considered that the relief given to children should not be counted as parochial relief to their parents. - "Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles", Daniel Hack Tuke.
  2. He issued edicts abolishing the Inquisition, all feudal rights, and all particular jurisdictions; regulating the number of monks; increasing, at the expense of the monastic establishments, the stipends of the parochial clergy; and proclaiming a general amnesty, with only ten exceptions. - "The History of Napoleon Buonaparte", John Gibson Lockhart.
  3. Your parochial conscience was uneasy, I suppose, because I was missing at church? - "Not Like Other Girls", Rosa N. Carey.