Part of speech: noun

Mode of speech; language; phrase.

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Usage examples "parlance":

  1. It should perhaps be noted at this point that a curious effect observed at the laboratory was shown in connection with Edison lamps at the Philadelphia Exhibition of 1884. It became known in scientific parlance as the " Edison effect," showing a curious current condition or discharge in the vacuum of the bulb. - "Edison, His Life and Inventions", Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin.
  2. They were both fencing, in sporting parlance " sparring for wind," each of them with the Big Idea almost within reach, and each not daring yet to put it into words. - "The Lost Valley", J. M. Walsh.
  3. The athletic field, known in school parlance as the play- field, was even larger than it had looked from their windows. - "The Turner Twins", Ralph Henry Barbour.