Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: adjective

Living on or in another organism; pertaining to parasites. parasitical.

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Usage examples "parasitic":

  1. For ourselves we confess to some remembrances of vague horror connected with this name, as if it were some enormous parasitic plant, sucking the life principles of society, while it spread apparently an equal shade, inviting man to repose under its beautiful but poison- dropping branches. - "History of American Socialisms", John Humphrey Noyes.
  2. Small landed proprietors and capitalists, and the middle classes altogether, he regards as a parasitic growth, destined to disappear, the best of the body becoming large capitalists, and the remainder proletaires. - "Auguste Comte and Positivism", John-Stuart Mill.
  3. If the larger social virtues are wanting in her, may it not be because they have not been called for in a parasitic life? - "The Truth About Woman", C. Gasquoine Hartley.