Part of speech: verb

To form or divide into panels; decorate with panels.

Part of speech: noun

A rectangular piece inserted, as in a door.

Part of speech: noun

An official list of persons summoned for jury - duty.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "panel":

  1. He cursed angrily in the dark and raised his hand to rap on the panel of the door, but thought better of it and, turning, walked back to the interested Crewe, who stood in the shadow of a lamp- post watching the scene. - "Jack O' Judgment", Edgar Wallace.
  2. Next to the beauty of type in this and other figures, we have to notice the pure rich colouring and the extraordinary beauty, in the central panel, of the landscape background. - "Perugino", Selwyn Brinton.
  3. A faint ray of light traced along the sill of the secret door guided Montefiore to the place; he scratched the panel softly and Juana opened to him. - "Juana", Honore de Balzac.