Part of speech: noun

The infernal regions; a noisy and disorderly assemblage.

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Usage examples "pandemonium":

  1. For the moment it was pandemonium in earnest, and I could only trace the disastrous passage of Bungay by the shouts of angry men and the sharp cries of injured horses. - "My Lady of the North", Randall Parrish.
  2. Then I'll go some day to see it, says Monica, smiling, not knowing that her aunts would as soon let her enter a pandemonium as a Roman Catholic chapel. - "Rossmoyne", Unknown.
  3. How they were able to record any bargain or to comprehend any offer amid that pandemonium was more than I could discover; for everybody interested appeared to be shouting at once, and the rest of the assembly cheering them on. - "The Mistress of Bonaventure", Harold Bindloss.