What does the word palpitate mean?

Usage examples for palpitate

  1. When a pretty child brings you her doll and looks into your eyes with artless grace and trustful simplicity, does your pulse quicken, do you tremble, does life palpitate through your whole being, as when the maiden of seventeen meets your enamored sight in the glow of her rosebud beauty? – A Mortal Antipathy by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
  2. Divine passion swept by- the glow which makes the fields palpitate, which rolls on through the waters, and floats in the wind, begetting millions and millions of existences. – Fruitfulness Fecondite by Emile Zola
  3. There was no sound- not a sound- just blackness, dark, impenetrable, utter, that began to palpitate now. – The Adventures of Jimmie Dale by Frank L. Packard