Part of speech: noun

Any protection or safeguard.

Part of speech: noun

Class. Antiq. & Myth. An image of Pallas ( Minerva), as that in the citadel of Troy, on which the safety of the city was supposed to depend.

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Usage examples "palladium":

  1. It has been said that this common act of accusation, the birthright of the Roman citizen, the greatly esteemed palladium of Roman freedom, became the most convenient instrument of despotism. - "The Women of the Caesars", Guglielmo Ferrero.
  2. 1850. Wuthering Heights: in the " Palladium." - "Emily Brontë", A. Mary F. (Agnes Mary Frances) Robinson.
  3. But the Law, which is the palladium of our liberties, answered for Commerce in a slow snarling, " because he is preaching discontent." - "In the Heart of a Fool", William Allen White.