Part of speech: verb

To whelm or submerge completely.

Part of speech: verb

To overcome with effusiveness or profusion.

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Usage examples "overwhelm":

  1. Would the plea remove the load of affliction with which I should overwhelm those who love me best? - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.
  2. He felt that his brief lease of life was running out; he felt as if he and Mary had been standing upon a narrow tract of yellow sand; very bright, very pleasant under the sunshine; but with the slow- coming tide rising like a wall about them, and creeping stealthily onward to overwhelm them. - "John Marchmont's Legacy, Volume I (of 3)", Mary E. Braddon.
  3. To us spectators, it seemed that they would overwhelm our own lines of battle. - "Campaign of Battery D, First Rhode Island light artillery.", Ezra Knight Parker.