Usage examples for overt

  1. The result, which that eager and blind politician hurried on too fast, and which therefore did not take place, would have been that " liberty of conscience" would soon have become an " overt act of treason" before an inquisition of his Jesuits! – Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 3 (of 3) by Isaac Disraeli
  2. The growling plainsmen, knowing that he was right and understanding his position, reluctantly kept their trigger fingers extended and finally lowered their pieces, hoping that the Indians would lose their heads and do some overt act; but the Indians were not fools, whatever else they might have been. – Bring Me His Ears by Clarence E. Mulford
  3. Obsta principiis is the only safe rule; the application of which is not suppression of overt discontent but relief of grievances. – The Major Operations of the Navies in the War of American Independence by A. T. Mahan