Part of speech: verb

To control by superior power; supersede.

Part of speech: verb

To hold sway.

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Usage examples "overrule":

  1. They are ready enough then to call in the aid of higher laws, which, so far from being contradictory, overrule the lower to get things into something like habitable, endurable condition. - "The Seaboard Parish, Complete", George MacDonald.
  2. Though we deny Mahomet, and will not adore him, yet we cannot control a power that must overrule us. - "Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers", Various.
  3. Theoretically the House may overrule the committee's decision on a bill, but so generally are the committee's recommendations followed by the House that the adverse action of the committee virtually kills a bill. - "Problems in American Democracy", Thames Ross Williamson.