Part of speech: verb

To hear, as by accident or design.

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Usage examples "overhear":

  1. " I want to talk with you, and I don't want anybody, Mrs. Riddell in particular, to overhear. - "Six Feet Four", Jackson Gregory.
  2. None of the party had seen her, but she passed near enough to them on the other side of a tall hedge to overhear the words, " Won't the governor just be mad!" - "Amos Huntingdon", T.P. Wilson.
  3. Joanna would tell Ellen all about her failure, and Mene Tekel and Nan would overhear as much as they could, and tell Broadhurst and Crouch and the other men, who would tell the Woolpack bar, where Mr. Furnese would hear it and bring it home to Mrs. Furnese.... - "Joanna Godden", Sheila Kaye-Smith.