Part of speech: verb

To flow over; spread over; flood; overwhelm; abound.

Part of speech: noun

That which flows over; a flood; profusion.

Part of speech: noun

A passage or outlet for liquid.

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Usage examples "overflow":

  1. And the young girl suddenly began to sing, loudly, as if in an overflow of spirits; and Peer guessed that it was for her mother's sake. - "The Great Hunger", Johan Bojer.
  2. It must be admitted, too, that it was a piece of imprudence on the part of the lads, who would have been wiser had they quietly waited where they were until the overflow exhausted itself. - "The Hunters of the Ozark", Edward S. Ellis.
  3. It needs the overflow of heart To give the lips full speech. - "Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul", Various.