Part of speech: noun

Excess of weight or value.

Part of speech: verb

To exceed, as in weight or importance.

Part of speech: verb

To cause to lose balance; tip over.

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Usage examples "overbalance":

  1. I know the voice of experience is not an unerring one, because circumstances differ almost infinitely, but I think the relation of governess an unnatural one, and also that the disadvantages of home education, given exclusively, far overbalance its advantages. - "Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class and Moral Culture of Infancy.", Elizabeth P. Peabody Mary Mann.
  2. His thin, sharp face gained by the slight foreshortening and his brilliant eyes, keen nose, and high brow did not quite so completely overbalance the sad and delicate strength of mouth and chin. - "The Branding Iron", Katharine Newlin Burt.
  3. No man in it has now any ties or home or kin that overbalance his ties to me and to the esprit de corps of our body. - "The Flying Legion", George Allan England.