Part of speech: verb

To live longer than; survive.

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Usage examples "outlive":

  1. To verify it, to begin to outlive it, he must instantly impart it, he must tell it, he must see it with others' eyes. - "April Hopes", William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009.
  2. He must be a man of infinite leisure, and he must be ready to take a large risk of disappointment; for he must outlive his subject, and he must be willing to sacrifice all other opportunities of artistic creation. - "The Silent Isle", Arthur Christopher Benson.
  3. For some minutes I contemplated the scene, careless and despairing; for I imagined that I had only been permitted to outlive the whole, that my death might be even more terrible. - "The Pacha of Many Tales", Captain Frederick Marryat.