Part of speech: noun

Wild or drunken revelry.

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Usage examples "orgies":

  1. Yet in the midst of all this, many scenes of wild orgies and debauchery still went on within its gates- as, in our own day, when the cholera ravaged Paris, the inhabitants of that facetious city made it a carnival, so now, in London, they were many who, feeling they had but a few days to live at the most, resolved to defy death, and indulge in the revelry while they yet existed. - "The Midnight Queen", May Agnes Fleming.
  2. German soldiers broke the doors of houses abandoned by their inhabitants, pillaged them and indulged in orgies. - "Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights", Kelly Miller.
  3. His brother had " got her," he said, by buying a speaking part in a play for her; and Montague recalled the orgies of which he had heard at the bachelors' dinner, and divined that here he was at the source of the stream from which they were fed. - "The Metropolis", Upton Sinclair.