What does the word orchis mean?

Usage examples for orchis

  1. This root appears to be a species of the orchis, or has much of its nutritive quality. – An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island by John Hunter
  2. The purple fringed orchis, one of the most showy and striking of all our orchids, blooms in midsummer in swampy meadows and in marshy, grassy openings in the woods, shooting up a tapering column or cylinder of pink- purple fringed flowers, that one may see at quite a distance, and the perfume of which is too rank for a close room. – A Year in the Fields by John Burroughs
  3. They were of two kinds: close to the water's edge the marsh orchis, and farther back, a small marguerite. – The Freelands by John Galsworthy