Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to an oracle; authoritative.

Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: adjective


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Usage examples "oracular":

  1. But to the farrier's strong disgust, Mr. Macey now started an objection to his proposing himself as a deputy- constable; for that oracular old gentleman, claiming to know the law, stated, as a fact delivered to him by his father, that no doctor could be a constable. - "Silas Marner The Weaver of Raveloe", George Eliot.
  2. Whether he was what is now called a " clairvoyant" or not, Tycho evidently regarded his utterances as oracular, and of course when one is receiving what may be a revelation from heaven it is natural to suppress ordinary conversation. - "Pioneers of Science", Oliver Lodge.
  3. That's oracular, but it means more than it sounds. - "The Gold Bag", Carolyn Wells.