Part of speech: noun

The doctrine that everything is ordered for the best; a hopeful view of things.

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Usage examples "optimism":

  1. Though lacking in experience and faced with insufficient resources, yet the adventurous spirit which they possess, and the vigor, the alertness, and optimism they have thus far so consistently shown, qualify them to play an active part in arousing the interest, and in securing the allegiance, of their fellow youth in those countries. - "The Advent of Divine Justice", Shoghi Effendi.
  2. Granted the necessity of idealism to individual and social health, Mr. Street's views do not conduce to optimism. - "Socialism: Positive and Negative", Robert Rives La Monte.
  3. Then Bland added with a surprising optimism in one so given to complaining, " We're here, and we ain't hurt, and Los Angeles is just back there a ways. - "The Thunder Bird", B. M. Bower.