Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to or of the nature of the opera.

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Usage examples "operatic":

  1. Tolstoy sided with those who take this attitude, and he had no difficulty in showing up the absurd unreality of an operatic performance, if one insists upon applying to it the standard of our ordinary existence, since we do not burst into song ordinarily to express our every- day desires. - "A Book About the Theater", Brander Matthews.
  2. There are now sufficient resident operatic singers of the third class to perform opera without assistance from European stars; but by themselves these purely colonial companies do not draw well, except in pieces of the 'Patience, ' or 'Tambour- Major' type. - "Town Life in Australia 1883", R. E. N. (Richard) Twopeny.
  3. We touched, in our discourse, upon science, politics, natural history, and operatic singers. - "The Mirror of the Sea", Joseph Conrad.