Part of speech: noun

An Old World evergreen shrub with pink or white flowers.

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Usage examples "oleander":

  1. About midnight, at the Camp of the Zouaves, a humble post on the road embankment, overlooking a dry valley whence rose the feverish perfume of oleander, we changed horses. - "Atlantida", Pierre Benoit.
  2. The other was usually some anxious young student who got along pretty well on plain work, but who would come down the chromatic run in the " Chicago Tribune March" like a fat man falling down the cellar stairs with an oleander plant. - "Homeburg Memories", George Helgesen Fitch.
  3. There is a row of geraniums along the front of the stage and a big oleander on the side. - "The University of Hard Knocks", Ralph Parlette.