Part of speech: noun

Coarse cloth coated with white lead ground in oil, and bearing patterns, for floor covering, etc.

Part of speech: noun

A tarpaulin.

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Usage examples "oilcloth":

  1. Arms and accoutrements are in rude racks against the corrugated- iron- panelled walls; a trestle- table covered with oilcloth runs down the middle. - "The Dop Doctor", Clotilde Inez Mary Graves.
  2. Her eyes, which by every rule of the game should have been gazing into his, were fixed on the oilcloth- covered passage outside the door. - "K", Mary Roberts Rinehart.
  3. The floor of the parlour was covered with a large- patterned oilcloth. - "Good Old Anna", Marie Belloc Lowndes.