Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: adjective

Diffusing an odor.

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Usage examples "odoriferous":

  1. A small cast- iron stove glowed red- hot, but while the place was odoriferous, its temperature was grateful to the shivering McAllister. - "McAllister and His Double", Arthur Train.
  2. Why " odoriferous" breeches, guardian? - "Cynthia's Revels", Ben Jonson.
  3. This poem was chiefly written upon the mountainous ruins of the baths of Caracalla, among the flowery glades and thickets of odoriferous blossoming trees which are extended in ever- winding labyrinths upon its immense platforms and dizzy arches suspended in the air. - "Walks in Rome", Augustus J.C. Hare.