Part of speech: noun

An eight armed cuttlefish; a devil fish.

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Usage examples "octopus":

  1. At meal times quite a procession of men and women, glistening all over with coconut oil, would enter our hut bearing all sorts of native food, including fish in great variety, yams, octopus, turtle, sucking- pig, chicken, prawns, etc. - "Wanderings Among South Sea Savages And in Borneo and the Philippines", H. Wilfrid Walker.
  2. I have in mind especially the influence of the octopus and the cow. - "The Evolution of the Dragon", G. Elliot Smith.
  3. For the season had been disastrous for the 'Varsity; several members of the team had been caught in the toils of the octopus examination and, what was worse among the members, ill- feeling existed due to past feuds. - "The Varmint", Owen Johnson F. R. Gruger.