What does the word octave mean?

Usage examples for octave

  1. The frogs pitched their song an octave higher, the blue birds and peewees wheeled through the falling floods of yellow sunlight, and lower and sweeter rose the murmur of the tide of pulsating air as it lifted and swayed the fresh sprays of the oaks and elms. – Hoosier Mosaics by Maurice Thompson
  2. Of course there are other grays, not represented in the scale, just as there are tones of music not expressed in the musical scale or octave. – Text Books of Art Education, Book IV (of 7) by Hugo B. Froehlich Bonnie E. Snow
  3. " They didn't refuse me, widdy," returned the widower, trying to look sheepish, and dropping his voice an octave lower. – Composition-Rhetoric by Stratton D. Brooks