Part of speech: adjective

Tending to obstruct.

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Usage examples "obstructive":

  1. Women have such an exquisite sense of things- just as they have now in regard to big obstructive hats in the theatres. - "The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner", Charles Dudley Warner.
  2. He has not lost the kindness that used to make him a benefactor and succourer of the needy, and he is still liberal in helping forward the clever and industrious; but in his active superintendence of commercial undertakings he has contracted more and more of the bitterness which capitalists and employers often feel to be a reasonable mood towards obstructive proletaries. - "Impressions of Theophrastus Such", George Eliot.
  3. He knew the old utterance- rapid but not frequent, an obstructive thought causing sometimes a sudden halt in the midst of a stream of words. - "The Hand of Ethelberta", Thomas Hardy.