Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To blot or wipe out; efface.

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Usage examples "obliterate":

  1. All at once the personal element, so powerful in most of us- even in moments when interests are in existence so great that they should obliterate all others- came to the surface. - "The Judgment House", Gilbert Parker.
  2. Glen Leigh, with a matter of twenty- five thousand at issue, looked on wonderingly; even the melancholy fact that Barellan was so far back did not obliterate from view the grand sight he witnessed. - "The Sweep Winner", Nat Gould.
  3. Already its silence has swallowed the feeble din we made; and the next flood will obliterate forever all traces of your workings. - "The League of the Leopard", Harold Bindloss.