Part of speech: adverb

Toward or from the north.

Part of speech: adjective

Lying toward or coming from the north; northern.

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Usage examples "northerly":

  1. It was the hottest sort of a June morning and only the steady little northerly breeze kept the heat from being intolerable to the spectators along shore. - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.
  2. The wind also in these first five months is most commonly northerly, and in the other seven months southerly. - "A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. VIII.", Robert Kerr.
  3. As already pointed out in regard to pecan shade trees for more northerly regions, so in the case of pecan nuts for use in raising stocks in northern sections. - "The Pecan and its Culture", H. Harold Hume.