Part of speech: noun

Art. A painting representing a night- scene.

Part of speech: noun

A dreamy, sentimental composition appropriate to the evening or night.

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Usage examples "nocturne":

  1. She turned round and began to take up the thread of the Nocturne from the point where she had left off; but she only played half a page and quitted the piano abruptly. - "The Red Planet", William J. Locke.
  2. Halfdan acknowledged the compliment by a bow and a blush, and repeated the latter part of the nocturne according to Edith's request. - "Tales From Two Hemispheres", Hjalmar Hjorth Boysen.
  3. Nocturne When lovers lie In summer grass And watch the cloud ships As they pass, Love is a blend Of pain and bliss ... - "Tasting the Earth", Mona Gould.