Part of speech: adjective

Of or pertaining to nineteen; being one of nineteen equal parts.

Part of speech: noun

One of nineteen equal parts of anything.

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Usage examples "nineteenth":

  1. He told the Faculty that it was the greatest crime of the nineteenth century; and the Faculty told him in very high- class language to go chase himself. - "At Good Old Siwash", George Fitch.
  2. I have endeavoured, in dealing with the master of all English critics in the latter half of the nineteenth century, to " help the reader who wants criticism." - "Matthew Arnold", George Saintsbury.
  3. The nineteenth day since the arrival of the partisans on the Falkenstein was passed amidst all the tortures of hunger. - "The Invasion of France in 1814", Émile Erckmann Alexandre Chatrian.