Part of speech: noun

Meteor. A dark, heavy, rain bearing cloud.

Part of speech: noun

Art. A halo of light and glory encircling the head, as of christ or a saint.

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Usage examples "nimbus":

  1. She saw him halt, and fling up his arms, as if apostrophizing Heaven, as if asking a question of the stars that twinkled in the wide- flung nimbus of the moon. - "The Sea-Hawk", Raphael Sabatini.
  2. From the top of a hill they saw Madrid in the twilight, covered with fog; and in the streets newly opened between the sides of sand, the lights of the gas- lamps sparkled in a nimbus of rainbow.... - "Cæsar or Nothing", Pío Baroja Baroja.
  3. The rest of the nimbus was shining, and amidst the general blaze Tycho stood out like a sun. - "The Moon-Voyage", Jules Verne.