Part of speech: adjective

Relating to or affecting the nervous system.

Part of speech: noun

A substance that affects the nerves.

Part of speech: noun

A person afficted with or predisposed to nervous disease.

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Usage examples "neurotic":

  1. But I have stated that such persons, nervous, neurotic even as they may be, are not fanciful. - "Prince Zaleski", M.P. Shiel.
  2. Was your husband a man of neurotic tendency, as far as you could judge? - "The Dream Doctor", Arthur B. Reeve.
  3. 14. This method seems to have its greatest field of usefulness in those cases of highly intelligent but excessively neurotic women who have an abnormal dread of pain and child bearing; or women who have suffered unusually at the time of a previous confinement- perhaps in the case of the first baby- or from other complications; women such as these, and other special cases, are the ones to benefit most from the employment of " twilight sleep." - "The Mother and Her Child", William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler.